The Asia-Pacific region is home to 60 percent of the world’s population. It contains some of the biggest and smallest countries in the world as well as some of the richest and poorest people. It is thus both a region of diversity and of disparities, the latter has been made worse by the recent financial crisis, food-fuel insecurity, climate change, localized conflicts and natural disasters. This international exhibition with supporting conference and seminar program will bring together politicians, practitioners, policy-makers, procurement officials and industry leaders from Asia-Pacific and beyond, in a harmonious dialogue designed to enhance global, regional and national strategies to eradicate the dangers posed by insurgencies and other sub-state political agitation, terrorism and weapons proliferation, as well as discussing issues such as crime prevention, drug control, piracy and human trafficking. Alongside this all-important dialogue, industry leaders will showcase the newest technologies and services available to support the themes and topics discussed within the conference in a continued effort to provide state of the art products to ensure the security of our nations. APSDEX-IPS is the most effective international forum for the security and safety industry in Asia-Pacific. With over 50 international delegations and estimated specialists buyers from Indonesia and abroad invited to participate, APSDEX-IPS is a must attend event for security professionals. The Jakarta International Defense Dialogue (JIDD) will be the region’s principal security coordination mechanism on a global scale. Because Asia-Pacific is an extraordinarily large and diverse region encompassing the majority of the world’s population, we face an extremely wide range of defense and security challenges. The core objective of the Dialogue is the promotion of intergovernmental cooperation to meet common perceived threats. The Dialogue provides a framework for Indonesian engagement inter-regionally as well as internationally.

JIDD serves as a forum for participating officials and their counterparts to discuss bilateral and multilateral initiatives, to address issues across all areas of defense and security, and to ensure the ongoing efforts to promote new multilateral cooperation.

JIDD will examine the changes in the international security environment over the past decade and how they have prompted an evolution in defense and security focus. The elevation of counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation efforts alongside conventional military cooperation, signals that increased emphasis is now being placed on these issues. It also suggests that policy-makers may be concerned that existing initiatives are not sufficient enough to address transnational threats effectively.

JIDD will be organized specifically to facilitate easy communication and fruitful contact amongst all of the participants, which will help to create a sense of community among the most important policy-makers in the defense and security establishments of regional states and of major powers with significant stakes in Asia-Pacific security, as well as the wider audience of supporting stakeholders.

JIDD will be hosted by the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Indonesia and organized by the Indonesian Defense University.


1. Increasing the relationship between the nations in Asia-Pacific region, including security officer, security and defense industry, and specialist buyers in security and defense;

2. Introducing the new invention of technology from each country that can increasing security and defense level in the world;

3. Increasing skill and ability of people who involved in this event about security and defense system in Asia-Pacific region.


Date :21 – 23 March 2012 Time : 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Place : Jakarta Convention Center


1. Stand of Indonesian National Police In APSDEX-IPS 2012, cadets are involving themself directly in this event. The main duty of cadets is accompany the visitors and give information about Indonesian National Police itself. The exhibition of Indonesian National Police is consist of: 1. International Relationship Division; 2. Special Detachment 88; 3. Uniform Police; 4. Community Policing; 5. Mobile Brigade; 6. Police for Water Section; 7. Police for Air Section; 8. Traffic Management; 9. K-9 Police; 10. INAFIS; 11. Medical Forensic. Each function has one or two person that always give an explanation to visitors about their function. Every officer was using different uniform to attract the visitors. In this exhibition, there’s a lot of thing that cadet must know in learning process in Police Academy, which are:

  • One Stop Service Car This is a new invention of Indonesian National Police that can help people to explain their problem in their circumstances, especially for criminal cases. It’s using integrated system that can help police officer input the criminal data, such as police report. This new invention shows that Indonesian National Police is going to be good institutions that always act with efficiency and effectively.
  • Traffic Control Visitors in APSDEX-IPS 2012 always show their interest to national traffic screen in this exhibition. Indonesian National Police by National Traffic Management Center (NTMC) bring a big screen that shows the traffic condition in a lot of city in Indonesia.
  • Gegana Robot Indonesian National Police with Brigade Mobile bring their new invention that always takes the people interest, which is a green robot. This robot was made from Canada and it can control by one computerized system. It also have a camera that can take a picture in dangerous place

2. Visitors Stand of Indonesian National Police is the most happening place in this exhibition. It cause of the appearance and the innovation of Indonesian National Police itself. In APSDEX-IPS 2012, we have a lot of important guest, such as Ban Ki Moon, President of Indonesia, and Leader of INP. Then, there are a lot of visitors from another country that show their curiosity about INP. Most of people have a same favorite thing, such as NTMC Display, One Stop Service Car, and Gegana Robot. Special for Indonesian visitors, they came to our exhibition to meet the presenter of NTMC Program in Metro TV.


This event is the best way for cadet to increasing their skill and knowledge about international security and defense condition. This is very important because all of cadet must be graduated as a practical and academicals officer. But, cadets must have basic information about all of the new invention from Indonesian National Police in every function. Overall, this event can be the most effective way for cadets to practice their communication skill and integrating with people.